White Gold Grillz Four Fangz K9 Grillz

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White Gold Grillz Four Fangz K9 Grillz
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One of our Newer Designs! This is the White Gold Grillz Four Quad Fangz K9 Grillz! This design has a twist on a classic style, with fangz on both the K9 Teeth, and the Incisors!  The K9 Fangz are longer than the incisor to really give that Vampire style/ Shark Teeth Grillz Look!

Top or Bottom, these are one of the cleanest  designs with the hardest shine!

For a more custom look, please contact us at info@gotgrillz.com!

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Need a design you do not see on our site?  Reach out to us and we will give you a price quote on any design you want.  If we love it we will display it on our site as a new design for sale.  Created by you and named after you!

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